19.00-20.00  Outdoor Park class at the Kyosk by The Coque. June 26th Medium Pulse with Annika

18.00-19.00 Flex (Mobility) at Kirchberg, Kiem Hall Omnisport with Maria. 

19.00-20.00 "Jympa” Basic (Aerobics) at Happy Fitness, Hamm with Minna

Jympa Basic with Minna is cancelled on July 1st due to injury

20.00-21.00 Power Hour (Strength and Cardio) at Happy Fitness, Hamm with Nina 

19.15-20.15 "Jympa" Intensive (Aerobics) at Kirchberg EU School Hall G/1 with Stefanos 


18.30-19.30 Circuit Training (Strength) at Happy Fitness, Hamm with Pirjo 

19.30-20.30 Flex Soft (Mobility) at Happy Fitness, Hamm with Maria


19.00-20.00 Barbell (Strength) at Happy Fitness, Hamm with Åsa

19.15-20.15 "Jympa Medium Pulse" at Kirchberg EU-School Hall G/2 with Annika

19.15-20.15 Core at Kirchberg EU--School Hall G/1 with Minna

Due to the Red alert weather warning today June 26, all classes are cancelled!


19.00-20.00 "Jympa” Medium (Aerobics) at Lux. City Center, Konviktsgaart with Kathy

20.00-21.00 Yoga (Yoga) at Lux. City Center, Konviktsgaart with Kathy 

19.00-20.00 Barbell Interval at Happy Fitness, Hamm with Nina


18.45-19.45 Circuit Training at Happy Fitness, Hamm with Martin 


10.00-11.00  Family Class (Work out with your kids) at Mamer EU School II with Carolina/Suvi

11.00-12.00 Fuego (Latin Dance) at Mamer EU School II with Annika / Suvi


10.00-11.00 Step Explode (Dance & Cardio) at Happy Fitness, Hamm with Carolina

11.15-12.15 Barbell Interval (Strength and Cardio) at Happy Fitness, Hamm with Nina

On June 30 there will be no classes in Hamm as we do not have access to Happy Fitness on this day