Indoor classes, autumn 2020


19.15-20.15 Circuit  (Strength and Cardio) at Kirchberg EU School Hall G with Pirjo (13). Book your class here  

20.15-21.15 Yoga (Yoga) at Kirchberg EU School Hall G with Kathy (13). Book your class here



19.15-20.15 Jympa Medium (Aerobics) at Mamer EU School with Saranya (8). Book your class




Wednesdays (Classes start on Wednesday Oct 14)

19.15-20.15 Power Hour (Strength & Cardio) at Kirchberg EU-School Hall G with Tina (13) Book your class

19.15-20.15 CoreFlex soft (Stability & Mobility) at Kirchberg EU-School Hall G with Maria (13) Book your class

20.15-21.15 Jympa Basic (Aerobics) at Kirchberg EU School Hall G with Corinne (13)  Book your class




19.15-20.15 Jympa Medium Pulse (Aerobics) at Mamer EU School with Annika (8).  Book your class 

20.00-21.00 Circuit (Strength & Cardio) at Fitness Coaching, Beggen with Martin (8) Book your class


No classes


10.00-11.00 Jympa Medium (Aerobics) at Mamer EU School with Kathy (8).  Book your class here 

11.15-12.15 Dance Fusion (Dance) at Mamer EU School  with Annika / Suvi (10). Book your class here   

11.30-12.45 Barbell Interval  (Strength & Technique) at Ftiness Coaching, Beggen with Nina (8). Book your class here


10.00-11.00 Step Explode (Dance) at The Coque, Kirchberg with Carolina (18) Book your class here

11.00-12.00 Jympa Basic (Aerobics) at The Coque, Kirchberg with Minna (18) Book your class here 

17.00-18.00* Circuit (Strength & Cardio) at The Coque, Kirchberg with Martin (18) Book your class here 

Please note that for the class beginning at 17.00 you MUST be there before 17.00 since the doors to The Coque will be closed from 17.00 sharp and you will not be able to enter.