19.15-20.15 Jympa Intensive (Aerobics) at Kirchberg EU School Hall G/1 with Stefanos. 

20.15-21.15 Power Hour (Strength and Cardio) at Kirchberg EU School Hall G/1 with Tina  



18.30-19.30 Flex Soft at Lycée Michel Lucius, Limpertsberg with Maria Due to replacement of the access system (locks) we will  not  have access to the premises before mid February

20.00-21.00  Jympa Medium (Aerobics) at Lux. City Center, Konviktsgaart with Saranya 

20.00-21.00 Barbell  Soft (Strength) at Fitness Coaching, Beggen with Emilia Book your spot here (max 3 days in advance) → →


19.00-20.00 Core at Fitness Coaching, Beggen with Minna

19.15-20.15 Jympa Medium Pulse at Kirchberg EU-School Hall G/2 with Annika

19.15-20.15 Flex at Kirchberg EU-School Hall G/1 with Maria


19.00-20.00 Jympa Medium at Lux. City Center, Konviktsgaart with Kathy 

20.00-21.00 Yoga  at Lux. City Center, Konviktsgaart with Kathy  

20.00-21.00 Barbell at Fitness Coaching, Beggen with Nina Book your spot here (max 3 days in advance) → →

Barbell with Nina is unfortunately cancelled on Feb 6!


No classes


09.00-10.00 Yoga at Mamer EU School II with Kathy

10.00-11.00  Family Class (Work out with your kids) at Mamer EU School II with Carolina/Suvi/Kathy /Claudia

11.00-12.00 Fuego / Dance Fusion (Dance) at Mamer EU School II with Annika / Suvi 


10.30-11.45 Barbell Interval (Strength and Cardio) at  Fitness Coaching, Beggen with Nina Book your spot here (max 3 days in advance) → →

11.00-12.00 Jympa Basic at The Coque, Kirchberg with Minna The class is in Table Tennis hall 1 l(TT1) ocated on the -2 floor

17.00-18.00 Barbell / Power Hour at The Coque, Kirchberg Rotation class with Emilia/Tina/Pirjo

9/2 Power Hour with Tina  *
16/2 Carnival vacation - No class
23/2 Carnival vacation - No class
Power Hour with Tina *
Barbell with Emilia**
15/3 Power Hour with Pirjo*
22/3 Barbell with Emilia**
29/3 Power Hour with Tina*

The  Power Hour class is in the Table Tennis  hall 1 (TT1) located on the -2 floor
** The Barbell class is in the Polyvalante hall. Please meet up in the reception latest 16.45 as it's a bit tricky to get there