An enjoyable experience

Try out different ways to train and look for your smile or an experience that you like. You can train to sake of training. But it usually gets more fun if you train for the experience itself.

Maybe a friend?

Do you prefer to train for yourself or are you attracted by the thought to get started to train with someone? Think about it and give it a try. A training buddy can be the key to success. But do not hang up your entire motivation on that your friend is training, your own desire is best.

Give the training a chance

Aim to be training every other, or every third, day for a couple of weeks. Continuity gives you the conditions to continue. If you find a form of exercise that you like - run it several times. After a few rounds you get more, both joy and training effect!

You are already a winner

Already during the first training session you will feel how the body responds. Take care of the feeling, enjoy the endorphins. Whatever the training, you are a winner!