- There is a difference between an improvised movement and a controlled, choreographed, movement. With magnetic camera, one has seen that when dance improvises, blood flow increases in what is called the emotional brain.

From these areas we get information that trains our social reading. If you activate your emotional brain on a regular basis, you can get easier to register feelings with others, says Eva.

Although the dance at Friskis is not improvised but controlled by a dance leader, there is room for surprise moments that can activate the emotional brain. Among other things, when the leader invites you to find your own way of expressing the music's feeling.

- Daring to express the perceived feeling from the music is a step along the way, Eva says.

Dance off and find the feeling

- If you dance to a hard drum beat, do you dare to show a dark, aggressive look? Can you put a longing in the wrist that is stretched against the window in a lovely piano ballad? saya Helene Nilsson who educates Friskis instructors in Dance and has been a leader in various forms of training for 25 years.

- It is wonderful to see when the members allow themselves to go with the music. Everyone can express themselves in dance, everyone does it according to their own conditions, says Helene.

Measurement and research on emotions in all honor. But Helene knows from experience that dance actually affects emotions.

- Sometimes I don't feel like leading a dance session. But it is only with the music, the desire to dance grows, time and space disappear, the joy just happens. And it turns out to be a giant smile afterwards.