Longer lives require more variety

We know from statistics and studies that the population in Sweden has a higher life expectancy than previous generations. We therefore need to keep our physical capacity for a longer period om time through life.

- Whether you are an athlete who practice for a particular goal or if you practice a couple of times a week to feel good, training variation is a good idea, Tina says.

One way of varying your training is to originate with training qualities. Endurance, explosiveness, fitness, mobility, coordination. What are you usually training? And what is missing in your training?

Another way is to start from the overall experience. If you have a lot of energy and stimuli in your regular exercise, it can be valuable to add something calmer and softer. Here is Yoga and Mind two good classes to try out.

Another way to create variety is to train with different intensity. If you usually work out hard, take a break with a little softer workout.

- Our classes labeled soft, can be used in many contexts and provide a great build up to tougher training, says Tina.

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