Recovery workout

Vary your tougher workouts with recovery training! A recovery pass is preferably shorter, maybe about 40 minutes, and is at a low intensity. Feel free in an outdoor environment!

Here are some examples of recovery training: power walk, comfortable cycling, easy jogging, calm yoga, mindfulness and Friskis all pass with the label "soft". Test yourself and find your favorite.

Most important is sleep

Really good recovery consists of both mental and physical recovery. Invest in both quantity and quality in your recovery. The single most important factor for your body to recover is sleep. It is incredibly important what happens when you sleep. Give yourself an extra hour of good sleep after a challenging workout. The next most important thing is the diet, that you give the body building blocks to build up what the training breaks down.

Harder training requires more and better recovery. If you miss the recovery, the performance (for example, how heavy you can lift or how long you can dance) becomes worse for each workout. If you get a good recovery, the performance will be better.

Important message: It's just ok to just be

Finding exercise that you think is fun is the best way to get a good training routine. When you are up, put in recovery and take the recovery seriously. Be kind to yourself, vary your movement patterns and train a little softer. It's absolutely OK (even important) to just be.