Create conditions

Friski's idea of training is that it should help people find the conditions for living the way we want to live. And the conditions for building up your body exist throughout life.
- The body should be used but also keep the whole life, Tina says.
If you are a person who wants a lot in life, you also need to take more in your training. But wisely.
- You need to give the body a strong signal that you intend to use it. You need to tighten your muscles properly to initiate good, constructive processes. High-intensity training gives such signals to your body but then it needs to recover.
Recovery often means rest. But you can also do an active recovery with a soft class every now and then. Soft is perfect for recovery. A no stressed pace but at the same time solid training.


Train functionally to maintain body functions. Find harmony. Listen to the body's signals and adapt accordingly. Vary what you do. Don't forget the recovery. It is you who creates the conditions for the life you want to live.