19.00-20.00 Flex Soft (Mobility) at Happy Fitness, Hamm with Maria.

19.15-20.15 Jympa Intensive (Aerobics) at Kirchberg EU School Hall G/1 with Stefanos

20.00-21.00 Power Hour (Strength and Cardio) at Happy Fitness, Hamm with Nina 

20.15-21.15 Yoga at Kirchberg EU School Hall G/1 with Kathy



19.00-20.00 Jympa Basic (Aerobics) at Happy Fitness, Hamm  with Minna

Jympa Basic only on September 17 & 24

(18.30-19.30 Jympa Medium (Aerobics) at Happy Fitness, HammSee below

Start date for Jympa Medium to be communicated

(19.30-20.30 Circuit Training  (Strength) at Happy Fitness, Hamm with Pirjo) See below

Circuit training will start on October 1st




19.00-20.00 Barbell (Strength) at Happy Fitness, Hamm

The Barbell class on Sep 25th will be Certification class with "instructor-to-be" Emilia! 

 19.15-20.15 Jympa Medium Pulse at Kirchberg EU-School Hall G/2 with Annika

19.15-20.15 Flex at Kirchberg EU-School Hall G/1 with Maria



18.30-19.30  Core at Happy Fitness, Hamm with Minna

19.30-20.30  Circuit Training at Happy Fitness, Hamm with Martin

19.00-20.00 Jympa Medium at Lux. City Center, Konviktsgaart with Kathy

20.00-21.00 Yoga  at Lux. City Center, Konviktsgaart with Kathy 


18.30-19.30  Discovery class at Happy Fitness, Hamm 

The next discovery class will be on October 4. It will be a dancy discovery with Suvi and Annika!



10.00-10.45  Family Class (Work out with your kids) at Mamer EU School II with Carolina/Suvi/Kathy

11.00-12.00 Fuego (Latin Dance) at Mamer EU School II with Annika / Suvi


10.00-11.00 Step Explode (Dance & Cardio) at Happy Fitness, Hamm with Carolina

Unfortunately  there will be no Step Explode on Sunday  Sep 22.

11.15-12.30 Barbell Interval (Strength and Cardio) at Happy Fitness, Hamm with Nina